Educational Videos

Entorno urbano - Cute, animated video in which a father explains to his son how to cross the street


Saca partido al consumo colaborativo


En mi ciudad - Cartel de Santa - Very catchy song about the poor living conditions of street children and the ways in which it contributes to a criminal lifestyle - Some of the lyrics to the verses may be inappropriate for immature students, but the chorus could be easily used in high school
(See also Homelessness & Social Problems for more resources related to street children)

Lo que pasa en mi ciudad - Very catchy song by Carlitos Monfil that talks about some of the problems of urban life (specifically, littering)


Mi barrio (un poema) - Beautiful poem describes the sad things about a neighborhood, but ends with a description of the happy things


Mundo rural o mundo urbano - TĂș eliges - Wordless video, set to music in Spanish, that highlights differences between urban and rural living

Un paseo por la ciudad de Mexico - Wordless video that is literally like taking a walk through the city