This page contains ideas, information, and resources for teaching and learning children's songs in Spanish.

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MamaLisasWorld.gif - Links to lyrics for a variety of children's games, rhymes, and songs in Spanish


A mi burro

(Claymation from Bolivia) (Rap version w/ actions - from Spain)

Arroz con leche

Aserrín, aserrán

Canción infantil de los oficios - Cute video of preschoolers singing the song

Cucú cantaba la rana

(See also the story version)

Una cucuna amarilla

De colores

Debajo de un botón - Musicograma - Good for literacy development

¿Dónde están las llaves? - Good for future tense, plus the verb IR in most tenses

El reino al revés

Mi lindo globito

El patio de mi casa

El pollito pío
- Very nicely designed video goes through the sounds that different farm animals make. Video is repetitive, shows text for each sound, does end with the little chick getting flattened by a tractor on the farm. The ending would be funny for upper elementary students, but might be upsetting to preschool/lower elementary students.

Los pollitos dicen

Que llueva - Beautiful, contemporary version of the nursery rhyme by Ea! (One image at 1:05 is not suitable for use in classrooms)

Que llueva - Less compelling, but classroom safe
(Less compelling, but classroom safe)

El señor don Gato

Si tu cerdo engorda

Tres pecesitos

Los elefantes - Animated, karaoke style sheet music with audio file (great for developing literacy skills)

Un elefante se balanceaba - Picture worksheet in which each word of the song is illustrated in its own square

Yo tenía diez perritos - Images make the video very comprehensible, but some may be upsetting to young children
(Karaoke version)

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