This page contains ideas, information, and materials for teaching and learning about childhood in Spanish.

¿A qué jugábamos cuando éramos niños? - Short article and infographic

Cinco juegos tradicionales mexicanos - Wordless video that shows the toys, with text about each one in Spanish

Cosas que hay que cumplir para que los niños y niñas del mundo sean más felices - Infographic

En mi ciudad - Cartel de Santa - Very catchy song about the poor living conditions of street children and the ways in which it contributes to a criminal lifestyle - Some of the lyrics to the verses may be inappropriate for immature students, but the chorus could be easily used in high school

Juegos que antes jugabamos

Los tradicionales juguetes mexicanos

HistoriaDeJuan.jpg - Interactive exercises created by Barbara Kuczun Nelson for the song La historia de Juan by Juanes that allow students to learn about the plight of street children in Spanish-speaking countries while practicing the preterit tense

La historia de Juan by Juanes - The story of a street child, uses TONS of preterit verbs, both regular and irregular

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