This page contains ideas, information, and materials for teaching and learning about body parts in Spanish.

Body Image

Shakira - Entrevista Adela Micha Abril 2011

Coloring Pages

DibujaliaLogo.png - Body and health-related coloring pages in Spanish

How-to Videos

LaInformacionPracticopedia.JPG - Fabulous site in Spanish that contains both how-to videos and well-scaffolded how-to print articles illustrated with photos for accomplishing a variety of tasks on a variety of topics, including body, cars, education, environment, fashion, food, games and hobbies, health, home and garden, languages, law, music and dance, parties, personal finance, parenting, pets, relationships, shopping, sports, technology, travel, and work

Interactive Activities

Picassohead.jpg - An online, interactive website that allows students select images from a library of different parts of the face and drag them onto a canvas to create Picasso-like faces (in English, could be used for communicative activities in Spanish though)




I showed the following two videos after we learned body parts, and my classes loved them! They could understand most of each video, and they were impressed by how smart these little children are.

A mi burro

(Claymation from Bolivia) (Rap version w/ actions - from Spain)

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