AudioLingua.png - Very nice database of mp3 recordings submitted by native speakers in a variety of languages (Arabic, Catalan, Chinese, Corse, English, French, German, Italian, Occitan, Portuguese, Russian, Spanish), categorized by topic and searchable by language, level, gender, age, and length (Shared by Amy Lenord)
NarrativaRadial.png - Links to essays and stories narrated for radio (some are very imaginative)

OralLanguageArchiveLogo.JPG - Audio materials with transcripts from Carnegie Mellon in French, German, Japanese, and Spanish

RadioAmbulanteLogo.png - Program similar to NPR's This American Life

Radioteca.png - Links to audio texts, read/performed by native speakers, and searchable by language, country, topic, and type of text (commentaries, interviews, legends, news, news magazines, radio novels, radio plays, podcasts, poetry, reports, short stories, songs, etc.)