This page contains ideas, information, and materials for teaching and learning about art in Spanish.






La guerra (Note: This image is copyrighted)
JigidiLogo.jpg - Interactive, 40-piece jigsaw puzzle of Botero's La familia that students can assemble online



Eungenio Salvador Dalí - Song by Mecano (note the link to the YouTube video too) (Sequencing activity for the song)


Dalí's Elephant

Salvador Dalí - Photo by Allen Warren on Wikimedia Commons, licensed under an Attribution-Share Alike Creative Commons License

Salvador Dalí NYWTS - Photo of him with ocelot and cane from Wikimedia Commons


InfoGoya96.gif - Information on Goya's life, work, techniques, and famous series of paintings (such as Los Caprichos, Los desastres, reinterpretations of works by Velásquez, etc.)

La familia de Carlos IV by Fernando Botero (from Wikimedia Commons)

GoyaDosDeMayo.jpg - Background reading in Spanish regarding the artist and the content of this piece, with a series of reading comprehension worksheets at the end of the booklet

El dos de mayo

Los fusilamientos del tres de mayo

GoyaYLosCaprichos.JPG - Short video from the Prado, followed by self-checking comprehension exercises which teachers can adapt if they log in

The Sunshade - A blackline drawing of Goya's El quitasol/The Sunshade that students can color from with descriptive text in both Spanish and English


- Documentary filled with real photos, narrated in Spanish by Mercedes Sosa

- Short video consisting exclusively of video footage of Frida and Diego Rivera set to music in Spanish

- Very nicely done student project that teaches reflexive verbs using an imaginary daily routine for Frida Kahlo


Aidez L'Espagne (Photo taken by Adam Jones, used under an Attribution-Share Alike Creative Commons License)

Dona i Ocell


Naturaleza muerta con zapato viejo (Note: This Flickr image is copyrighted)


Enigma of Hitler (Note: This image is copyrighted, click on it to see a larger view)

EntrevistaAPabloPicasso.jpg - In Spanish

GlogsterPicasso.jpg - Student project that displays tons of sketches of animals and natural objects by Picasso

Guernica (Note: This image is copyrighted) (See also: Kids' Guernica, a YouTube video that shows a world peace project inspired by Guernica)

- Video Guernica in the museum (gives a sense of scale)

- Guernica "cut up"

- 3D exploration of Guernica

- "X-ray" version of Guernica

Madre desconsolada by Pablo Picasso (From Jaume d'Urgell, used under a Non-commercial Attribution Creative Commons License)

Paloma de la paz by Picasso (Note: This Flickr image is copyrighted)

Paloma de la paz by Picasso (From Dibujalia)

Picasso: Drawing with Light - Great photo from Life Magazine of Picasso drawing a minotaur with a flashlight

PicassoPhotos.gif - Extensive collection of photos of Picasso's life

Picassohead.jpg - An online, interactive website that allows students select images from a library of different parts of the face and drag them onto a canvas to create Picasso-like faces (in English, could be used for communicative activities in Spanish though)

A 3D Exploration of Picasso's Guernica

- :28 second video of Picasso painting on a wall

Weeping Woman



MiHeroeLogo.jpg - Illustrated bio of Diego Rivera in Spanish


LaPrincesaYElPintor.jpg - A children's book (in Spanish, translated from the English version) that depicts the daily social, cultural, and personal realities life of the Princesa Margarita and her friendship with Diego Velásquez, who also lived in the court.

OtrasMeninas.jpg - Online exhibit of contemporary reinterpretations of Las Meninas by Spanish-speaking artists--including sculpture, painting, etc.

Coloring Pages

ColorMeUpLogo.gif - Coloring pages for Goya, Greco, Murillo, Velásquez, & Zurbarán

Madre desconsolada by Pablo Picasso (From Jaume d'Urgell, used under a Non-commercial Attribution Creative Commons License)

YoDibujo.comLogo.jpg - Various coloring pages and activities for children from Spain

Contemporary Artists

Pedro Morales (QR Code Artisan)

- Jorge Rodriguez-Gerada, Cuban-American, discusses identity and mural-making in his urban neighborhood in Spanish

General Art

FamousArtistsGallery.jpg - Nice collection of works by Dalí, Miró, Picasso, etc. (in English)

LatinAmericanArtByCountry.jpg - Links to galleries of work by famous Spanish-speaking artists along with bios for some of them

MondoLatinoLogo.jpg - Biographies of famous architects, sculptors, and painters in Spanish, illustrated with photos of their artwork


Spanish Art

Lesson Plans

CLIL for Teachers - A collection of lesson plans, PowerPoints, and other resources for teaching about Picasso in Spanish

Using Art, Film, & Literature to Explore the Hispanic Identity (Yale-New Haven Teachers' Institute) - A series of lesson plans from a unit on Hispanic identity






ArteHistoria.png - A collection of images, texts, videos, other documents, and materials related to the history of Spain and its art


Arte urbana - 1:59 minute video from Venezuela that reports on graffiti art (muralism)

- Video by Jarabe de Palo that uses an art-related focus to engage the viewer in thinking about perspectives