This page contains agendas for Dr. Cherice Montgomery's conference presentations related to teaching culture.


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About the MaFLA 2013 Workshop




  • Audience (Levels)
  • Audience (Languages)




Cultural Activities








Why Culture?


Stories Convey Culture

Stories Reflect Understanding

Single Stories Eliminate Possibilities

Power Is The Ability to Determine & Define the Story of Another Person

Stories Convey Stereotypes & Shape Identity

We Must Tell Multiple Stories In Order for Them to be Complete

Moving Students Toward Proficiency


Implications re: AP Themes & Common Core



“Seeing is epistemic; the geologist sees in terms of geologic interests. But the ‘same’ rock formations are quite a different form of experience for the real estate agent, the poet, and the painter. . . . Each person bringing a different frame of reference reads the so-called same image differently. Each reading is an interpretation that influences the kind of experience the individual will have” (Elliot Eisner, 2002, p. 84).







Book Exploration TIme:

Key: Multiple Perspectives

Encuentro.jpg- Different point of view (Taíno child's perspective on Columbus in the Americas)

QueridoPedrin.jpg- Different settings (characters from different fairy tales write letters to one another)

LaVerdaderaHistoriadelLobo.jpg- Different point of view (story of The Three Little Pigs told by the wolf)


18 Free Ways to Download Any Video Off the Internet

NewseumLogo.jpg - Today's front pages from newspapers around the world

StockXchngLogo.gif - Images

BiblionasiumLogo.JPG - Create your own booklists, reading groups, challenges, and reports (similar to Goodreads) (Post to Storytools)

RunningRecordCalculatorLogo.JPG - Allows students to calculate accuracy, self-correction ratio, etc., when reading aloud (Post to Storytools)

Thinking Tasks

Activating Prior Knowledge
Concept Mapping
Found Poetry

Synthesizing & Summarizing

- Search for images in the TL, then "annotate" them with audio, links, text, or videos



EasellyLogo.png - Create infographics from templates or from scratch, then share them

InfogramLogo.png- Create interactive infographics (with audio, charts, graphs, images, text, and video) from templates, then share them

Venn Diagrams

Children's Literature Page

  • Edit the task, not the text
  • Make multiple passes through the text for different purposes
  • Focus on meaning first, then form
  • Don't "teach" grammar, draw students' attention to patterns in the language
  • Make input comprehensible


Task - Teaching ESOL Students Through Language Functions


Best of Bilash: Oral Production Activities - Witness

acapela-box-logo.jpg - Text-to-speech: type your text in the box, select from m/f native speaker voices in many languages (including LCTLs), adjust speech rate and voice shaping, then download your file

BlabberizeLogo.jpg- Take any image, add a mouth to it, record something for it to say, and watch it become a moving conversationalist!

FotobabbleLogo.jpg- Upload photos, record a message, and share

Adolescents Americans vs. Adolescents Francais - Example in French comparing teenage life in the U.S. and France
Adopt-a-Pet for Spanish 101 - Example in Spanish
Chinese Oral - Example of an oral exam in Chinese
Chinese Picture Description - Example in Chinese of a student describing a photo from a play

Francais 95's fotobabble - Example in beginning French about a visit to an art museum
Japanese City/Town/Village - Description of a Japanese community
Japanese City Park - Description of a Japanese park
Meine familie - Example in beginning German describing family
Monkey King - Example in fluent Chinese of storytelling

Qual é o seu nome? - Example in Portuguese of two people introducing themselves

GoAnimateLogo.gif- Create animated videos from stock characters, images, music, and effects, or upload your own and lay them in tracks. Students have to type text into Word and then copy and paste it in order to get diacritical marks.

JamAGramLogo.JPG - Cherice's sample Jam-a-Gram

PhotopeachLogo.jpg - Quickly create slide shows with captions, text, photos, and quiz questions

Your turn!

  • La famille - Slideshow that uses possessive adjectives, family vocab., and famous people to create a fictional family in French
  • Fotos del espacio - Slideshow of photos of black holes, supernovas, etc., labeled in Spanish
  • Polar Bear Quiz - Interactive quiz about polar bears and their habitat
  • ¿Vida o sida? - Slideshow about AIDS in Spanish (note, some images may not be suitable for classroom use
  • Y ahora . . . qué? - Slideshow about aging in Spanish

UJamLogo.JPG - Create your own sound files, enhance your voice with effects, turn your voice into an instrument, save, and share

VocarooLogo.gif- Click, record, share

VoicethreadLogo.jpg- Photo stories that allow audio voiceovers and audio comments

VokiLogo.jpg- Speaking avatars

XtranormalLogo.png- Create mini, animated videos (or greeting cards) from stock elements

  • Camila y Gozo - Sample conversation between 2 roommates made in Xtranormal (in Spanish)




ManyEyesLogo.JPG - Use existing data or upload your own to create infographics from templates

PenzuLogo.jpg - Online journaling that allows you to attach photos

- Students can select illustrations from real children's picture book illustrators, then use them to illustrate their own, original stories. Diacritical marks must be cut and pasted in (via Word, for example)

SplicdLogo.jpg- Select specific segments from YouTube videos for viewing

TubeChopLogo.gif - Show specific segments of YouTube videos

- Copy and paste a YouTube link into the window. It allows you to view the video on a plain white or black screen without ads or suggested videos at the end.

WeVideoLogo.png - Video editing in a browser (collaborative if you pay)

1: Explore Resources

  • Children's Songs
  • Music
  • Nursery Rhymes
  • Resources
  • AudiriaLogo.gif- A collection of multimedia texts from a variety of different sources (movies, radio, songs, TV) that teachers can use as the basis for activities

    BLAALogo.jpg - Extensive library of digital texts (including children's literature and museums) from Colombia

    GlencoeOnlineLogo.gif - Culture-based websites in Spanish

    GlossLogo.jpg - Searchable database of language maintenance/proficiency development lessons (reading and listening) in a wide variety of languages. Allows you to limit the search to video-based lessons. Click on the individual links to launch the lesson modules

    KennedyCenterLogo.gif - Check out CDs of music, content materials, culture kits, flags, and/or maps from the Outreach Resource Library at BYU's Kennedy Center for free. The Center can also help you schedule free presentations for your classroom regarding specific countries. You may also wish to explore their CultureGuides--conuntry-specific teaching units for both elementary and secondary classes

    LanicLogo.jpg - Latin American Network Information Center - Extensive list of texts in Spanish & Portuguese (organized by country)

    OpenCultureLogo.jpg- List of audio courses and podcasts in a variety of languages, including Spanish & Portuguese

    QuinoLogo.jpg - Site in Argentina containing Quino comics & Mafalda videos

ZambombazoLogo.png - Blog by Zachary Jones with links to materials in Spanish that reflect popular culture

2: Evaluate

  • Cultural Accuracy, Authenticity, Currency, & Quality
  • Pedagogical Possibilities
  • Creativity & Critical Thinking

Planning Powerful, Proficiency-based Activities


  • Learning is the process of forming associations and connections
  • The formation of associations and connections comes from the interaction between thinking and doing
  • The need for interaction between thinking and doing means our planning must focus on STUDENTS
  • A focus on students means we must focus on creating conditions that foster learning
  • Thematic planning is one way to create the conditions essential for learning

In other words, ". . . the selection of a material or activity is also the selection of an array of forces that will influence how students will be challenged to think . . . . The curriculum is a mind-altering device" (Eisner, pp. 13, 72).

"In the absence of our clear intention, our willingness to consciously change the settings of the world we are creating, the default culture is decisive" (Block, 2003, p. 143).

It is not about doing more, it is about layering what you do so that it has more impact.

Paso a paso--what is your very next step? Textbook-->supplemental resources-->culture-->connections and comparisons-->communication and interaction-->communities-->integration

The Power of Understanding (Duplicate, Adapt, Innovate)


ColorsLogo.png - Magazine available in English and the language of your choice. Each issue is organized around a conceptual theme. Excellent visuals make great bulletin board material if you buy these in your local bookstore instead of viewing online. CAUTION: Much of the material in these magazines is NOT appropriate for classroom use, so teachers should preview and select carefully.

ConversarSinParar.jpg - Series of group conversation activities (mostly discussions and debates) organized around themes such as immigration, organ donation, war, etc.

MaterialesLogo.jpg - Magazine produced by the Embassy of Spain (also available through the Spanish Resource Center)

Thematic Units from the National K-12 Foreign Language Resources Center