This page contains ideas, information, and materials for teaching and learning about advertising in Spanish.


AdsOfTheWorldLogo.jpg - Links to advertisements from around the world

Advertisement - Culturally authentic ads from Amy Lenord

Commercials - Word document containing a list of commercials in Spanish, along with transcripts and cultural thought questions for each one. They are also tagged by grammatical structures

Commercials - Commercials in Spanish from Sara-Elizabeth Cottrell

EjerciciosDeEspanol.jpg - A collection of video clips showing ads from Spanish-speaking countries around the world

ProyectoCarteleLogo.gif - A collection of posters in Spanish from countries around the world

PubliPro.png - A collection of advertising campaigns, organized in terms of types of campaigns

Sarah Elizabeth Cottrell's Delicious Feed - #commercials - A collection of bookmarks for commercials in Spanish
ZambombazoLogo.png - A collection of publicty-related materials in Spanish

Grocery Store Ads

ComercialMexicana.JPG- Mexico

EroskiOnline.png - Spain

MasXMenosLogo.JPG - Costa Rica

Guiding Questions

  • In what ways does your life "advertise" certain values, beliefs, and principles?
  • How can you creatively use your personal influence to transform society in positive ways?

Pedagogical Materials

Adventures in Advertising

YouTube Commercials Cloze Quizzes - A Google Doc containing links to various commercials in Spanish, followed by transcripts and activities collaboratively authored by teachers