Materials for exploring women's issues in Spanish.




DiaInternacionalDeLaEliminacionDeLaViolenciaContraLaMujer.JPG - From Ecuador

HablandoDeMujeresYEstadisticas.JPG - From Ecuador

InfografiaDiaDeMujer.JPG- From Ecuador

SituacionDeLaMujerEnBolivia.JPG (See this article for more information)



Hombre pequeñito by Alfonsina Storni


Perú: feministas de Latinoamérica y el Caribe

Por eso no tienes novio

- Amusing video in which a woman delivers a monologue about the importance of not eating like a pig to an unseen person who turns out to be her small daughter. Final text at the end discusses the importance of eradicating stereotypes about beauty.

Quiero ser modelo - Video in Spanish with English subtitles in which a daughter explains that she wants to be a model and her father lists stereotypical characteristics of models and claims his daughter only possesses one of them (implying stupidity)

Snickers - No eres tú cuando tienes hambre - Ad in Spanish for Snickers candy bar in which a skateboarding girl crashes, her friends get mad, give her a snickers, and then she suddenly turns into a boy and he says he feels much more like himself. What message does this send about the athletic competence of women, identity, etc.?


8Marzo.JPG - From Ecuador