This page contains culturally authentic resources in Vietnamese.

Children's Literature

Legends&FolktalesLogo.jpg - An interactive map containing links to legends and folktales from countries around the world in a variety of languages, including Vietnamese


FreeImagesLogo.jpg - A few copyright-safe images related to Vietnamese



Vietnam Infographics.JPG


AllYouCanRead.png - Magazine and newspaper sites, categorized by country and topic, from 200 countries around the world

NewspaperMap.JPG - A map that plots the locations of newspapers from around the world--can be filtered by language (Arabic, French, German, Japanese, Korean, Portuguese, Russian, Spanish, Vietnamese)


CultureTalk.JPG - Links to videos with transcripts in both Vietnamese & English regarding various cultural topics, including arts and entertainment, economy and politics, education, everyday life, family, food, language, living abroad, places, recreation, religious and cultural traditions, society, health, and environment, and work (Videos are in Vietnamese, but not culturally authentic)