This page contains ideas, information, and resources for teaching and learning about social problems in Spanish.

General Social Issues

Social issues on a personal level (bulimia, street children, homosexuality, teen pregnancy, abuse, etc.).
"De que me sirve la vida" - Camila
Corresponding lesson plan here.

Overcoming Adversity

Echar Pa'lante El Gran Combo de Puerto Rico
- Discusses how Puerto Ricans worked together to overcome adversity, and how a group of musicians encourages people to continue to do so.

Street Children

Canción para un niño de la calle by Mercedes Sosa

DondeJugaranLosNinos.gif - Interactive activities created by Barbara Kuczun Nelson based on the song by Maná designed to help students practice environmental vocabulary, affirmative and negative commands, present subjunctive, future tense, and past participles as adjectives

En mi ciudad - Cartel de Santa - Very catchy song about the poor living conditions of street children and the ways in which it contributes to a criminal lifestyle - Some of the lyrics to the verses may be inappropriate for immature students, but the chorus could be easily used in high school

Los hijos de la oscuridad

HistoriaDeJuan.jpg - Interactive exercises created by Barbara Kuczun Nelson for the song La historia de Juan by Juanes that allow students to learn about the plight of street children in Spanish-speaking countries while practicing the preterit tense


Desempleo juvenil

See also: Community Service, Crime, Emergencies, Emergency Preparedness, Environment, Health & Hygiene, Hunger & Homelessness, Immigration, Natural Disasters, News & Current Events, Substance Abuse