This page contains ideas, information, and materials for teaching and learning about shopping in Spanish.


Cambiar la manera de hacer las compras

El chofer que paró el colectivo para hacer las compras

Hacer las compras con el niño

Seis claves para hacer las compras, según el Ministerio de Economía

Culturally Authentic Resources

From Amy Lenord

How-to Articles & Videos

LaInformacionPracticopedia.JPG - Fabulous site in Spanish that contains both how-to videos and well-scaffolded how-to print articles illustrated with photos for accomplishing a variety of tasks on a variety of topics, including body, cars, education, environment, fashion, food, games and hobbies, health, home and garden, languages, law, music and dance, parties, personal finance, parenting, pets, relationships, shopping, sports, technology, travel, and work


Saca partido al consumo colaborativo

Interactive Activities




Adicción a las compras
- News report on the subject shared by Laura Terrill

Ahorrar en la compra - Text below the video could be turned into pre-viewing activities. Video contains lots of good shopping vocab. and culturally authentic images

Candelaria nos enseña hacer la compra de forma correcta - Periodic captions support student comprehension

Más vídeos en Antena3

Cómo hacer una lista de compra - Some good visual support for vocabulary learning. Short (1.13), but not very interesting.

Hacer la compra desde el ánden del Metro con el lector QR

Consejos de una experta para hacer la compra de manera saludable - 1.29 video that focuses on key food groups one should eat to stay healthy (video is from news in Canary Islands)

Más vídeos en Antena3

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