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- Extensive use of the verb tener even though the video describes the speaker. Video does a great job of making input comprehensible with a culturally authentic song, but the images are not all culturally authentic - chericem1 chericem1

Breve descripciĆ³n de mi persona (Note: At :16-:17 there is a photo of an old woman giving the finger, so you will want to eliminate that part of the video before showing it in class)

- The first 13 seconds of this has a nicely contextualized lead-in to the song (i.e., filling out an application form)

:20 and 1:30 include the days of the week.
At :50 and other places the song uses <eres tu> often.

This video has authentic photos and shares a message with background soundtrack about you and I being one. It can be used as part of a thematic unit as well, such as humanitarian work or the environment.

QuienEsQuien.JPG - A free, downloadable information gap activity in which students describe photos of famous Spanish-speakers

Somos - Spot derechos humanos