This page contains ideas, information, and materials for teaching and learning about school in Spanish.

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Ad for school supplies in Spanish from Peru (BEAUTIFUL)

Coloring Pages

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Bonny Cepeda - Fiesta de graduación (1991)
- Not really a video--just shows the album cover. Song is full of vocabulary words relating to school (amigos, computadoras, contabilidad, estudiantes, idiomas, graduación, matricularé, medicina, universidad, etc.), as well as future tense (bailaré salsa y merengue, estaré,
estudiaré, matricularé, presentaré, seguiré, tomaré, etc.)


Lista de utiles 2013 - Quinto Año A-B


Escuela (Ecuador)

Mi Colegio - A video of a student giving a tour of his school (Colegio Vocacional Itzagual) in Mexico

El primer día de clases

A video about the first day of school in a Peruvian school. Includes clear speakers, a bit of discussion about how the teachers don't all come on the first day and that some students don't come with uniform (and some are against it).

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