This page contains ideas, information, and materials for teaching and learning about professions in Spanish.


Así se conmemoró el día del trabajo en latinoamérica
- Article contains a summary of how the day is celebrated in a variety of different Spanish-speaking countries

CualesSeranLasProfesionesDelFuturo.JPG - An article from Peru21 on the topic. Very brief text with interesting predictions from Microsoft that hint at the social problems of the future

DiezProfesionesDelFuturo.JPG - This article contains some intriguing predictions likely to stimulate students' imaginations

ElFuturoEsDeLasProfesionesQueTodaviaNoExisten.JPG - Scroll down to bottom part of article. Structure is EXCELLENT for beginning learners (use of future tense in yo form with simple descriptions of what the job will be like in the 3rd person)

Las10ProfesionesDelFuturo.JPG - Brief article from Forbes Mexico. Some professions are similar to those identified in the article above, others are not. Students could compare and contrast.

Latinoamérica pide en Día de Trabajo cambios salariales, sociales y político - Brief summary paragraph with a video

Coloring Pages

DibujaliaLogo.png - Professions alphabet coloring pages in Spanish

Employment Applications

Generic Employment Application in Spanish - Fillable PDF from Mexico


La historia del pescador y el banquero





Adivinanzas para niños de los oficios y las profesiones

Camión rojo de Coca Cola México - Video discusses his father's job at Coca Cola and what labels tell us about the food

Canción infantil de los oficios - Cute video of preschoolers singing the song

Cómo hacer una entrevista de trabajo - Video that contrasts how NOT to interview with how to do it correctly in Spanish

Desempleo juvenil

Esta soy yo
- Video discusses the complexities and contradictions of the speaker's identity, uses a variety of adjectives to describe her, and depicts it all in a kind of cheesy music video in which she dresses up in costumes representing different professions

Este es mi trabajo: Albergue de animales - Video from Univisión

Homenaje al maestro: Maestro siempre
- Very sappy video about the work of a teacher. Kids probably won't like it, but you could challenge them to make one that is more captivating and contemporary

J King y Maximan - Sr. Juez
- Song is full of vocabulary relating to legal issues (arrepentir, atrever, el caso, el cobarde, cometer, condenar, confesar, contar, convertir, correr, culpable, dejar, el delito, encarcelar, encontrar, el enemigo, fallar, los fracasos, el juez, luchar, morir, pensar, perdonar, seguir, seguro, sentenciar, sentir, el sufrimiento, el tiempo, la verdad, volver) and uses it as a metaphor for discussing lost love. Some preterit tense, some present perfect and some present subjunctive, but no single tense really dominates.

Latinoamérica (Homenaje día del trabajador - Calle 13

Latinoamérica pide en Día de Trabajo cambios salariales, sociales y político - Brief summary paragraph with a video

Profesiones del futuro
- Discusses how technology is transforming the economy, employment opportunities, and the need for adaptation (video has some future tense, but mostly hace with time expressions)

Rap de la Policía Nacional - Reggaeton de la Policía Nacional

- Cute video, in Spanish with Spanish subtitles, in which a guy goes around selling dreams on public buses and discusses his "career" with his grandmother, who has retired from the same career. Students could generate ideas for similar, non-existent careers. They could also practice telling the story (using preterit v. imperfect) of how their dreams came true as a post-viewing activity. Also, lots of opportunities to discuss cultural elements of the video, such as the use of "vos"

Video CV - Ana Gómez (Profesora) - Simple video CV (only written words, no voice) in Spanish. Could be used as a demo for a video-portfolio assignment

Video curriculum de Ángela Gómez Anaya - A 2:41 video narrated in Spanish by a woman from Granada seeking a career in journalism (with some English in the end)

Videocurriculum Interactivo - A 3:15 mini-documentary that explains video CVs in Spanish

Video Curriculum Profesora Isabel Arteaga - Video narrated in Spanish

See also: Community Service, Emergencies, Emergency Preparedness, Greetings