This page contains ideas, information, & materials for teaching and learning about discrimination, prejudice, and stereotypes in Spanish.

- Extensive resources on interculturality

"De que me sirve la vida" por Camila - Prejudice and stereotypes against people whose situations are different than ours. Contains many questions about controversial issues such as abuse, homosexuality, sexual abuse, violence, etc.) Corresponding lesson plan here.

Depende - 4:28 minute video of Depende by Jarabe de Palo set to images from famous artists

Los prejuicios contra los inmigrantes - :31 second public service announcement

Mal bicho - White lyrics in Spanish on a black screen with the music in the background. Song discusses discrimination and prejudice.

Quiero ser modelo - Video in Spanish with English subtitles in which a daughter explains that she wants to be a model and her father lists stereotypical characteristics of models and claims his daughter only possesses one of them (implying stupidity)

6BillionOthers.jpg - 5,000 interviews in which participants answered 40 essential questions about the challenges of daily life, differences, dreams, fears, God, hopes, joy, love, and war were filmed in 75 different countries and presented here in English, Chinese, Dutch, French, Italian, Spanish, and Portuguese (Click on thematic movies to access them)

Si el norte fuera el sur (by Ricardo Arjona)

Snickers - No eres tú cuando tienes hambre - Ad in Spanish for Snickers candy bar in which a skateboarding girl crashes, her friends get mad, give her a snickers, and then she suddenly turns into a boy and he says he feels much more like himself

Vivir juntos. Discriminación (Argentina)

Vivir juntos. Discriminación (Niños de 6 a 12 años)

Vivir juntos. Discriminación (Uruguay)

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