This page contains culturally authentic resources related to learning about nutrition in Spanish.


DesordenAlimenticioAnorexia.JPG - Infographic


La obesidad y comida chatarra

PropiedadesDeLaFruta.JPG - Outlines key nutrients in different fruits

Public Service Announcements

Nutrición infantil
- A public service campaign designed to improve children's nutrition from the government of Guadalajara, Mexico


Para crecer debemos comer
- Fantastic video from Andalucia sung by a native speaker that addresses healthy eating habits with a heavy emphasis on nutrition

Si tu puerco engorda


Comida chatarra - CNN Chile

El camino de la alimentación saludable

Cómo comer delicioso con menos calorías

I have used this video (3:12-4:45) with Spanish 1 students and they were able to understand the parts I had them listening for. - eddingtona eddingtona
12:39 educational video from the Cardiology Association of Argentina about healthy nutrition

La dieta correcta

- A didactic video from el Instituto Nacional de Perinatología that talks about the different nutrients available in different types of foods. Good visuals.