This page contains ideas, information, and resources for teaching and learning nursery rhymes in Spanish.

Choosing Rhymes

Pito pito colorito - Popular choosing rhyme turned into the pop song Onda buena by Barrio Rio (teachers may wish to stop the song after the 2nd fuera)


MamaLisasWorld.gif - Links to lyrics for a variety of children's games, rhymes, and songs in Spanish

RimasLogo.jpg - A book of bilingual nursery rhymes illustrated with art (scroll past the first few to get to the culturally authentic ones)


Rima de chocolate

Sana, sana

- Father says it to a small toddler child (girl)
- Pharmacy advertisement

- Small child says it to pregnant mother (mom & grandmother talk too)

- Toddler recites an alternate version of the rhyme (Sana, pupa, sana)
- Venezuelan version (Payasitas)


Tortillitas de manteca - Grandmother and baby

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