This page contains ideas, information, and materials for teaching and learning about numbers in Spanish.

Karaoke de San Fermín
- A video designed to allow students to sing along with the song Uno de enero (which will allow them to practice the numbers 1 to 7).

Cultural Differences in How Long Division is Taught

SpanishLanguageExercises.gif - Three different self-checking exercises (click on Spanish Politics navigation to load each one) based on the 2000 election results in Spain that are designed to help students practice numbers

Los elefantes - Animated, karaoke style sheet music with audio file (great for developing literacy skills)

Un elefante se balanceaba - Picture worksheet in which each word of the song is illustrated in its own square

Yo tenía diez perritos - Images make the video very comprehensible, but some may be upsetting to young children
(Karaoke version)

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