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InfografiasEnCastellanoLogo.JPG - A site containing a host of infographics on topics like health and social issues

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- A collection of links to newspapers, radio, and TV from countries around the world. You can filter them by country, language, topic, or type of media

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NewspaperMap.JPG - A map containing links to local papers in countries around the world--can be filtered by language

NewsInSlowSpanish.jpg - Site offers weekly news podcasts in Spanish. Each one comes with transcripts of the various news stories, targeted grammar and vocabulary, pronunciation exercises, and quizzes. Some of the content is free, but a paid subscription is required to access the full content from the site


ComoSeInformanLosJovenes.JPG - This article identifies several famous youth bloggers, tweeters, etc.

Se escapa un millón de cucarachas de un criadero en China

Redes sociales--¿una fuente confiable?


OHS Lockdown - News report in Spanish about an event that occurred at Odessa High School in 2012

0:22 “La tension inició a las 9:30 de la mañana.

0:52 “Los oficiales continuaban llegando para…”

1:00 “Mi hija me habló, luego luego que algo estaba pasando aqui, por eso vine para aca.

1:16 “Afuera, más de cien padres de familia esperaban angustiados”

Tensiones entre Haití y la República Dominicana - About immigration and human rights

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