This page contains materials from the NECTFL Webinar Engaging Students with Embedded Cultural Content, presented by Bill Heller & Cherice Montgomery on 2/26/14.


- Handout from Bill Heller's first webinar presentation

- PowerPoint from Bill Heller's second webinar presentation
- Handout from Bill Heller's second webinar presentation

Handouts from Lea Graner-Kennedy's Presentation


Pedagogical Materials

- Mixer in which students discuss food from various regions of China

- Simple poem about love in Spanish by Josefa Murillo. Students complete the poem with their own predictions, then read the "real" poem

- Sequencing activity for a song about Salvador Dalí by Mecano in Spanish

- Students survey peers in Chinese about food likes and dislikes

- Give students a photo or item of realia from China, they work together in pairs to have a simple conversation about the names of the items.

- Mixer in which students discuss what year they were born and their zodiac sign in Chinese

- PowerPoint presentation that can be used to give instructions for this circumlocution activity which engages students in thinking about the fact that certain objects and concepts that exist in the U.S. do not exist in other cultures, and thus, the language must be translated thought-for thought (stuffed toy) as opposed to word-for-word (i.e., "beanie baby" or "bebé de frijoles")

- Reviews ir + a + places in Spanish

- Put students in groups of 3, give each a different colored crayon, Student A says a sentence that describes a picture on the paper, Students B & C race to be the first to circle the correct picture.

- Activity (in Spanish) created by Bill Heller that engages students in examining foreign currency and identifying key features (good for numbers, colors, historical figures, monuments, etc.)

- Song by Franco de Vita that talks about street children in Venezuela in Spanish

- PowerPoint by Janae Purcella for use with the video. Students "popcorn" up and shout out the verbs.

- Lesson plan for La historia de Juan

- Listening grid in English, but with clip art likely to be appropriate for Arabic classes

- Listening grid in Spanish for places and a second one for chores

- Mixer in which students use a map to discuss where they are from in Arabic

- Example of sentence building activity

- This song in Spanish can be used to consider differences in cultural perspectives between North & South America

- Sample template you might use to help scaffold debates in the target language

- Sequencing worksheet for the song in German by the group The Wise Guys

PowerPoint Slides





Derecho a la salud (Spanish)

La historia de Juan