This page contains ideas, information, and materials for teaching and learning about music in Spanish.

Children's Songs

Folk Songs

Interviews with Musicians

LandfillHarmonic Teaser
- A great trailer in Spanish (with English subtitles) with very short interview clips from students about their experiences playing in a recycled orchestra in a very poor community in Paraguay that makes instruments from recycled materials found in a landfill. Tagline: "The world sends us garbage. We send back music." and "People realize that we shouldn't throw away trash carelessly. Well, we shouldn't throw away people either."

Music by Historical Periods

HimnosYCancionesDeLaGuerraCivil.JPG - This site contains udio files and lyrics of songs from both the Republican and National sides of the Spanish Civil war, along with links to other materials about the Spanish Civil War in Spanish

Music by Language Level

EjerciciosDeEspanol.jpg - Cloze-type listening exercises linked to YouTube music videos from famous Spanish-speaking musicians, marked in terms of beginners, intermediate, and advanced

Regional Music

AKidsTourOfLatinMusic.JPG - A Google Map with links to videos of both folk and popular music from Spanish-speaking countries around the world

LlajtaNet.jpg - A collection of Bolivian and Andean music playable in Windows Media Player and Real Audio Player

Ver Mapa musical en un mapa ampliado

MusicaDeLosAndes.jpg - A collection of music from the Andes which can be listened to using Real Audio Player

Echar Pa'lante El Gran Combo de Puerto Rico
- Discusses how Puerto Ricans worked together to overcome adversity, and how a group of musicians encourages people to continue to do so.

Popular Artists

The 50 Greatest Latin Songs of All Time - Descriptions in English with videos in Spanish

Daddy Yankee
Don Omar
Jarabe de Palo
Wisin y Yandel

Pop Charts

BillboardLatinLogo.jpg - Top 40 charts for Latin music

EZTracksLogo.gif - Listen to the Top 40 songs from the Latin charts, see which songs are moving up/down, etc.

Los40Mexico.gif - Charts from Mexico

TopLatinoLogo.gif - See the most popular song in each Spanish-speaking country, or view the week'sTop 10 songs from the Latin charts by ranking

Tr3sLogo.jpg - MTV3 (Info in English - browse by artist, playlist)

WorldLatinTop30Singles.jpg - Use the dropdown menu to access the Top 20 from Argentina, Chile, Spain, and the Hispanic USA


A Kid's Tour of Latin Music Through Google Maps - A Google Map with links to videos of both folk and popular music from Spanish-speaking countries around the world

DibujaliaLogo.png - A collection of coloring pages of musical instruments in Spanish

PlaylistLogo.jpg - Searchable database of children's music, popular music, interviews, and other recordings you can use to build your own playlists

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Songs About Social Issues

"De que me sirve la vida" por Camila - The music video shows a lot of common social issues on a personal level and help overcome them. The end of the video shows several resources (counseling centers, etc.)

Great lesson plan idea to go with this song here.

Canción para un niño de la calle by Mercedes Sosa

- Jarabe de Palo's song Depende set to works by famous Spanish-speaking artists (great for helping students consider the importance of multiple perspectives)

- Original version of Jarabe de Palo's Depende

DondeJugaranLosNinos.gif - Interactive activities created by Barbara Kuczun Nelson based on the song by Maná designed to help students practice environmental vocabulary, affirmative and negative commands, present subjunctive, future tense, and past participles as adjectives

Los hijos de la oscuridad

HistoriaDeJuan.jpg - Interactive exercises created by Barbara Kuczun Nelson for the song La historia de Juan by Juanes that allow students to learn about the plight of street children in Spanish-speaking countries while practicing the preterit tense

Ofrendas.jpg - A set of interactive activities by Barbara Kuczun Nelson based on the song Ofrendas, an image essay, and interviews designed to help students practice the future tense and food vocabulary

OjalaQueLluevaCafe.jpg - Interactive exercises for Juan Luis Guerra's song (which is great for practicing the present subjunctive) created by Barbara Kuczun Nelson

Pito pito colorito - Popular choosing rhyme turned into the pop song Onda buena by Barrio Rio (teachers may wish to stop the song after the 2ndfuera)

SanFermin.jpg - A set of interactive activities by Barbara Kuczun Nelson designed to help students learn about various aspects of the Running of the Bulls in Pamplona, Spain during San Fermín as they practice the preterit v. imperfect based on the song Uno de enero

ConversarSinParar.jpg - Debates and simulations about different social issues


LyricsTrainingLogo.png - Select the target language, choose your favorite pop song from the target culture from an existing list of music videos, then select easy/intermediate/hard. As the video plays, it pauses so you can type the missing words (i.e., in a cloze exercise)

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