This page contains links to collections of culturally authentic materials in Japanese.


AdsOfTheWorldLogo.png - A searchable database of ads from around the world (search by country, topic, type of ad--audio/print/video, etc.)


GlossLogo.jpg - Links to culturally authentic materials in a variety of languages, including Japanese.

HawaiiJapaneseCenter.png - Collection of audio recordings




Children's Literature

Searchable database of children's books in a wide variety of languages (including Arabic, Chinese, Croation, Farsi, Filipino, French, German, Hebrew, Italian, Mongolian, Portuguese, Russian, Spanish, Tagalog, & Thai), categorized by age, color of cover, genre, length, topic, etc., that can be read online

Legends&FolktalesLogo.jpg - An interactive map containing links to legends and folktales from countries around the world in a variety of languages, including Japanese.


CulturallyAuthenticPictorialLexiconLogo.png - A database of culturally authentic Creative Commons images, organized by language and topic

FreeImagesLogo.jpg - Hundreds of copyright-safe images related to Japanese


HawaiiJapaneseCenter.png - Extensive collection of movie posters in Japanese

Image Database - Culturally authentic photos, categorized by topic

My Interactive Image (Japanese)

RealiaProjectLogo.jpg - Culturally authentic images


InfographicJP.JPG - A dynamic collection of infographics in Japanese

JapaneseInfographicsMapsChartsPinterest.JPG - A series of infographics (most in English, but some in Japanese) on Pinterest

Magazines & News

AllYouCanRead.png - Magazine and newspaper sites, categorized by country and topic, from 200 countries around the world
DirectoryOfNewspapers&Magazines.JPG - Directory from around the world

NewseumLogo.jpg - Today's front pages from newspapers around the world

NewspaperMap.JPG - A map that plots the locations of newspapers from around the world--can be filtered by language (Arabic, Chinese, French, German, Japanese, Korean, Portuguese, Russian, Spanish)


Public Announcements and Warnings in Easy Japanese - Regarding topics like flu outbreaks, norovirus, firefighting notifications, moving, pensions, taxes, etc.


JapaneseHousePopUp.gif - A variety of activities for children re: environmental protection

環境ポップアップ絵本 - Printable Patterns for Pop-up House



Disaster Preparedness

Modules (written in Easy Japanese) designed to teach foreigners how to handle various disaster-related emergencies

119-page Booklet About Disaster Preparedness
- Written in Easy Japanese

Elderly Travel in Japan

Resources from Emi Murayama

Issues Faced by Immigrants


Japanese Loan Words

Resources from Kasumi Yamamoto

English Words in Japanese by 日本語 learners (Nations Of The World tune) #add1challenge 日本語学習者が歌う外来語

Infographic in Japanese on the Japanese Language


Arts Chula #77 Japanese Major - A humorous video

Japanese Writing

ADE WITLearn Japanese: Stone Soup