This page contains ideas, information, and materials for teaching and learning about identity in Spanish.

Communicative Activities

QuienEsQuien.JPG - A free, downloadable information gap activity in which students describe photos of famous Spanish-speakers



Lesson Plans

Using Art, Film, & Literature to Explore the Hispanic Identity (Yale-New Haven Teachers' Institute) - A series of lesson plans from a unit on Hispanic identity


Las dos Fridas

- The image on Slide 71 is inappropriate for K-12 classrooms. Some may also find the image on Slide 81 somewhat offensive


Así soy yo

Breve descripción de mi persona (Note: At :16-:17 there is a photo of an old woman giving the finger, so you will want to eliminate that part of the video before showing it in class)

- The first 13 seconds of this has a nicely contextualized lead-in to the song (i.e., filling out an application form)

Doble identidad
- A song about the exploits of a man living a double life as a superhero

Esta soy yo
- Video discusses the complexities and contradictions of the speaker's identity, uses a variety of adjectives to describe her, and depicts it all in a kind of cheesy music video in which she dresses up in costumes representing different professions

No quiero ser normal by Cuarteto de Nos - Music and lyrics only

No quiero ser normal by Cuarteto de Nos - Good use of many culturally authentic images, but has one image of Jesus Christ on the cross with presents hanging from his arms near the end that some might find highly offensive

No quiero ser normal by Cuarteto de Nos

No quiero ser normal by Cuarteto de Nos (another version)

Latinoamerica - Calle 13
- Song by Calle 13 about what it means to be a Latinamerican

- First part of this video shows a wide array of Mayan clothing and how it is woven by hand

- Jorge Rodriguez-Gerada, Cuban-American, discusses identity and mural-making in his urban neighborhood in Spanish

¿Quién soy yo?
- Video about the identity crisis created for many children of los desaparecidos in Argentina.

Vivir juntos. Identidad (Ecuador)

Pedagogical Materials

Descubriendo mi verdadero yo - ¿Quién soy yo? - A wiki filled with materials designed to help students discover their personal identities