This page contains ideas, information, and materials for teaching and learning about holiday celebrations in Spanish.



Por fin es carnaval - A lesson plan developed by Mari Haas

Taino Coloring Page

Vejigante Lesson Plan



Christmas Carols

- Villancico Arre Borriquito (lyrics)
- Villancico A Belén Pastores (lyrics)

- Villancico Hacia Belén Va Una Burra Rin Rin

Significado de la rosca de reyes

SpanishLanguageExercises.gif - A template that students can use to write a letter to the Three Kings

Day of the Dead

Ofrendas.jpg - A set of interactive activities by Barbara Kuczun Nelson based on the song Ofrendas, an image essay, and interviews designed to help students practice the future tense and food vocabulary

Boda Negra by Ana Gabriel - Story of a man who goes to the cemetery to be with his dead wife's skeleton (most useful for more mature audiences)

Calaverita by Santa Cecilia - Positive, contemporary (2015) upbeat song by a chicano band filled with cultural references to Day of the Dead traditions


Calendario del amor
- Video quality is poor, but the song is useful for teaching months of the year and holidays

San Fermin

SanFermin.jpg - A set of interactive activities by Barbara Kuczun Nelson designed to help students learn about various aspects of the Running of the Bulls in Pamplona, Spain during San Fermín as they practice the preterit v. imperfect based on the song Uno de enero

Semana Santa

LaSemanaSantaDulcesTipicos.JPG - Online audio with self-checking exercises that teachers can modify by logging in

SemanaSantaEnEspana.JPG - Readings, videos, etc., all with self-checking comprehension exercises that teachers can modify by logging in

Valentine's Day

SpanishLanguageExercises.gif- A template that students can use to write a Valentine's Day card


DibujaliaLogo.png - Coloring worksheets for many holidays that are specific to Spanish-speaking countries, as well as to U.S. holidays

How-to Articles & Videos

LaInformacionPracticopedia.JPG - Fabulous site in Spanish that contains both how-to videos and well-scaffolded how-to print articles illustrated with photos for accomplishing a variety of tasks on a variety of topics, including body, cars, education, environment, fashion, food, games and hobbies, health, home and garden, languages, law, music and dance, parties, personal finance, parenting, pets, relationships, shopping, sports, technology, travel, and work

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