This page contains culturally authentic resources in Spanish for teaching and learning about hobbies, leisure time, and pastimes.

How-to Articles & Videos

LaInformacionPracticopedia.JPG - Fabulous site in Spanish that contains both how-to videos and well-scaffolded how-to print articles illustrated with photos for accomplishing a variety of tasks on a variety of topics, including body, cars, education, environment, fashion, food, games and hobbies, health, home and garden, languages, law, music and dance, parties, personal finance, parenting, pets, relationships, shopping, sports, technology, travel, and work


La historia del pescador y el banquero


Solo un ratito - A short, simple poem about a child that wants to watch T.V.


Dr. TV Perú (06-03-2014) - B2 - Lonchera del Día: "Los Peques" - Excellent video that has little kids telling what they like to do, and then a nutritionist who analyzes what is in their lunch boxes based on their activities