Los esqueletos de los héroes by Rosario Ferré


Doble identidad
- A song about the exploits of a man living a double life as a superhero


Jesuale presenta: Los superhéroes (See on ViewPure here)

- A "show and tell"-like video in which a 3-year-old boy introduces himself and tells the audience about his superhero action figure toys and their weapons in Spanish

Superheroes de Memo Aguirre
- Lyrics start at 1:08. Most useful linguistic part is 1:08 - 1:36 (a la humanidad defienden superhéroes, luchan por la libertad, su fuerza siempre nos entregarán para si lograr la paz, jamás en la vida no se prodarán, los malvados no se atreven, el hombre de hierro, Capitán América..). Video is not very high quality (grainy, hard to hear).

MiHeroeLogo.jpg - Links to information in Spanish (translated) about heroes from around the world