This page contains links to collections of culturally authentic resources in German.


AdsOfTheWorldLogo.png - A searchable database of ads from around the world (search by country, topic, type of ad--audio/print/video, etc.)

Werbungen - List of different ads and commercials in German, categorized by topic


AudioLingua.png - Very nice database of mp3 recordings in a variety of languages (Arabic, Catalan, Chinese, Corse, English, French, German, Italian, Occitan, Portuguese, Russian, Spanish, categorized by topic and searchable by language, level, gender, age, and length (Shared by Amy Lenord)

GlossLogo.jpg - Links to culturally authentic materials in a variety of languages, including German

Children's Literature

InternationalChildrensDigitalLibraryLogo.gif -
Searchable database of children's books in a wide variety of languages (including Arabic, Chinese, Croation, Farsi, Filipino, French, German, Hebrew, Italian, Mongolian, Portuguese, Russian, Spanish, Tagalog, & Thai), categorized by age, color of cover, genre, length, topic, etc., that can be read online
ZzebraLogo.gif - Culturally authentic children's literature in German


Comics & Humor



BlindeKuhSpieleDatenbank.png - Online games in German for kids


CulturallyAuthenticPictoralLexicon.png - Culturally authentic images (Scroll down to browse by language)

FreeImagesLogo.jpg - Hundreds of copyright-safe images related to German

RealiaProjectLogo.jpg - Culturally authentic images - Berlin Wall Photos


Infografiken.jpg - A collection of infographics in German

MedienInfografiken.JPG - A collection of infographics based on statistics from the site Statista in German

Brotsorten.JPG - Different types of breads, all labeled

DerBesteUrlaubJemals.JPG - Shared by Helena Curtain

Treibhauseffekt.JPG - Shared by Helena Curtain

Informational Texts

BlindeKuhSicherheitstipps.png - Internet safety tips in German

MobbingSchlussDamit.jpg - Bullying website in German (Shared by Laura Terrill)

WissenDe.JPG- Online news magazine for adults in German--especially useful because the navigation at the top categorizes the articles by many of the themes common to the AP curriculum, including health, learning and family, nature and environment, society, and technology


7MilliardenAndere.JPG - 5,000 interviews in which participants answered 40 essential questions about the challenges of daily life, differences, dreams, environment, family legacies, fears, God, hopes, joy, love, and war were filmed in 75 different countries and presented here in English, Chinese, Dutch, French, German, Greek, Italian, Polish, Romanian, Russian, Spanish, and Portuguese (Click on thematic movies to access them)


Projekt Gutenberg - Literature in German


BlindeKuh.png - A children's e-zine that allows them to submit their own writing from a variety of different genres, including informational reports, manga, news reports, scary stories, stories about stars (Shared by Laura Terrill)

BR-Kinderinsel.JPG - News magazine for kids in German which also contains links to music, podcasts, radio, and TV (Shared by Laura Terrill)

SWRKindernetz.png - A children's magazine with high interest topics for elementary-aged kids in German

waz-280-60.png - Pop culture magazine for adults in German

ZDFTivi.jpg - Children's magazine with both news and entertainment content in German (some audio) (Shared by Laura Terrill)


AllYouCanRead.png - Magazine and newspaper sites, categorized by country and topic, from 200 countries around the world

BlindeKuhNachrichten.png - Human interest and news stories in German for kids
(Shared by Laura Terrill)

BR.JPG - News from around the German-speaking world, categorized as a typical newspaper would be and accompanied by images

DirectoryOfNewspapers&Magazines.JPG - Directory from around the world

HellesKoepfchenDe.png - Lengthy news stories in German, accompanied by photos--the list of links to related articles that appear below the various stories is useful for teachers who want students to read multiple articles on the same topic (Shared by Laura Terrill)

News4Kids.png - News for children in German
(Shared by Laura Terrill)

NewseumLogo.jpg - Today's front pages from newspapers around the world

NewspaperMap.JPG - A map that plots the locations of newspapers from around the world--can be filtered by language (Arabic,Chinese, French, German, Japanese, Korean, Portuguese, Russian, Spanish)

sowieso_logo.png- Interactive, searchable news site for kids that allows them to read either German or world news, record themselves reading articles from the site in German, and look up common terms in a glossary in German (Shared by Laura Terrill)


Culturally Authentic Resources for German Teachers (Amy Leonard)



Flucht an der Bernauer Stra├če Geschichte der Berliner Mauer und des Mauerfalls