This page contains resources for learning the future tense in Spanish.

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CualesSeranLasProfesionesDelFuturo.JPG - An article from Peru21 on the topic. Very brief text with interesting predictions from Microsoft that hint at the social problems of the future

DiezProfesionesDelFuturo.JPG - This article contains some intriguing predictions likely to stimulate students' imaginations

El derecho de soñar - Article about rights that is full of future tense

ElFuturoEsDeLasProfesionesQueTodaviaNoExisten.JPG - Scroll down to bottom part of article. Structure is EXCELLENT for beginning learners (use of future tense in yo form with simple descriptions of what the job will be like in the 3rd person)

Las10ProfesionesDelFuturo.JPG - Brief article from Forbes Mexico. Some professions are similar to those identified in the article above, others are not. Students could compare and contrast.


Bonny Cepeda - Fiesta de graduación (1991)
- Not really a video--just shows the album cover. Song discusses how a student has anticipated the night of his graduation for a long time, along with his future plans. Song is full of vocabulary words relating to school (amigos, computadoras, contabilidad, estudiantes, idiomas, graduación, matricularé, medicina, universidad, etc.), as well as future tense (bailaré salsa y merengue, estaré,
estudiaré, matricularé, presentaré, seguiré, tomaré, etc.)


Profesiones del futuro
- Discusses how technology is transforming the economy, employment opportunities, and the need for adaptation (video has some future tense, but mostly hace with time expressions)