This page contains links to collections of culturally authentic resources in French.


AdsOfTheWorldLogo.png - A searchable database of ads from around the world (search by country, topic, type of ad--audio/print/video, etc.)


AudioLingua.png - Very nice database of mp3 recordings in a variety of languages (Arabic, Catalan, Chinese, Corse, English, French, German, Italian, Occitan, Portuguese, Russian, Spanish, categorized by topic and searchable by language, level, gender, age, and length (Shared by Amy Lenord)

GlossLogo.jpg - Links to culturally authentic materials in a variety of languages, including French

Children's Literature

Comptines.JPG - Each one is titled according to the sounds it emphasizes
- A great site where students can listen to and watch stories in French gathered from Haiti, Mali, Mauritania, and Senegal. Stories appear to be read by native speakers. Be sure to click around - lots there

GrimmLogoFrench.jpg - Available in Danish, Dutch, English, French, German, Italian, & Spanish

IlEtaitUneHistoire.jpg - A collection of comptines, documentaries, fables, legends, songs, and stories for children in French

InternationalChildrensDigitalLibraryLogo.gif- Searchable database of children's books in a wide variety of languages (including Arabic, Chinese, Croation, Farsi, Filipino, French, German, Hebrew, Italian, Mongolian, Portuguese, Russian, Spanish, Tagalog, & Thai), categorized by age, color of cover, genre, length, topic, etc., that can be read online

Legends&FolktalesLogo.jpg - An interactive map containing links to legends and folktales from countries around the world in a variety of languages, including French

LePetitNicolas.JPG - Full text of many of the stories in the book, accompanied by listening activities, comprehension questions, and vocabulary

WorldStories.gif - Collection of stories from around the world in both English and the target language including many less commonly taught languages


Bedetheque.png - Searchable database of comics in French


LesPetitsCitoyens.png - Several games about gender equality


CulturallyAuthenticPictoralLexicon.png - Links to images from around the Francophone world

FreeImagesLogo.jpg - Hundreds of photos related to French. Most can be used in online and in published materials for free. Some require that you notify and/or credit the photographer first

FrenchArt.JPG - Famous works of art, organized by time period, with text in French (also available in English) (Shared by Laura Terrill)

RealiaProjectLogo.jpg - Culturally authentic images

RoadSignsFrance.jpg - Road signs from France


AsMapComplexityCartographerDatavizCuriousNotebook.png - Hundreds of infographics in French (and some in English) from a French designer

frenchwebLogo-2013-300x591_2.png - A collection of infographics in French regarding technology and social media use

InfographieFrancaisIsabelleJones.JPG - An extensive collection of infographics in French pinned by Isabel Jones on Pinterest

LeJournalDuGeek.JPG - Blog in French that contains a variety of infographics (many in French)


Africa Remix - Interviews in French with African artists (transcripts also available)
CivilisationFrancaise.gif - Links to interviews of native French speakers, organized by topic

7MilliardsDAutres.JPG- 5,000 interviews in which participants answered 40 essential questions about the challenges of daily life, differences, dreams, environment, family legacies, fears, God, hopes, joy, love, and war were filmed in 75 different countries and presented here in English, Chinese, Dutch, French, German, Italian, Romanian, Russian, Spanish, and Portuguese (Click on thematic movies to access them)


LibrivoxLogo.jpg - Fontaine's fables, available for free download in French

LivreEnLive.jpg - A collection of audiobooks in French

Reading Resources for French Teachers - A collection of culturally authentic texts, organized by period


AllYouCanRead.png - Magazine and newspaper sites, categorized by country and topic, from 200 countries around the world
DirectoryOfNewspapers&Magazines.JPG - Directory from around the world


ParolesNet.jpg - A site containing lyrics to songs in French


AllYouCanRead.png - Magazine and newspaper sites, categorized by country and topic, from 200 countries around the world
1Jour1actu.png - News and debatable questions for children in French

LaGriffeDeLInfo.JPG - Multimedia magazine for kids with news and information on many of the AP themes, including the environment, health, science and technology, and society

KioskoNetLogo.JPG - Newspapers from France, organized by region, as well as from around the world, organized by continent

LesPetitsCitoyens.png - Online news for kids in French (Shared by Laura Terrill)

LPtitLibe.JPG - News on social issues in French written for children in France

NewseumLogo.jpg - Today's front pages from newspapers around the world

NewspaperMap.JPG - A map that plots the locations of newspapers from around the world--can be filtered by language (Arabic, Chinese, French, German, Japanese, Korean, Portuguese, Russian, Spanish)


PoesieFrancaise.JPG - Collections of classic poetry in French, as well as reader-submitted poems


SondagesEnFrance.JPG - Political polls results from France regarding candidate popularity, intentions to vote, etc. (Shared by Laura Terrill)




Authentic Resources - French (Amy Leonard)

Culturetheque.JPG - Links to a variety of resources in French, categorized in terms of reading, writing, viewing, youth, etc. (Also includes a link to a Spotify playlist of pop music in French)

DocLaddsLanguageLinks.JPG - Materials organized by level and thematic topic, similar to CultureConnection but primarily for French teachers (although there are Spanish activities as well)

Doc Ladd - W. Béni - Each link contains a culturally authentic video or resource of some kind, followed by various tasks

FranceTVEducation.png - Links to cultural resources on a variety of different topics

GlossLogo.jpg - Links to culturally authentic materials in a variety of languages, including French

LeCafePedagogique.JPG - A collection of education-related resources

MadameShackelford.JPG - Scroll toward the bottom of the wiki to access her collections of cultural resources (including many that are directly related to the AP themes)

Mlle. A's Language Teaching Tools - Specifically French (Mlle. Anderson)


PalaisDecouverte.JPG - A very nice site from France filled with resources on various science topics. Includes a section for teachers (see also this link to materials for children)

PierreGagnaire.JPG - An intriguing, multimedia portfolio of a French chef. Beautiful design, images, sounds, and simple text make this a great one for students to experience and explore



LesPetitsCitoyens.png - A variety of online videos about bullying, children's rights, equality, handicapped, and space

Child Labor

Les enfants dans les mines de diamants en R.d. Congo

LesPetitsCitoyens.png - A variety of online videos about bullying, children's rights, equality, handicapped, and space


Contributed by Nicole Naditz

Des droits pour les enfants, depuis quand, et porquoi?

Education en Afrique

Education des Filles dans le Monde

Enfants du Togo

Infographie: Les Defis de l’Education au Mali

Infographie: Les Femmes dans le Monde

Infographie: Investir dans les Filles est la Chose Juste et Intelligente

La bande dessinée FLE

Les fournitures scolaires: objectif rentrée

Mariam du Togo a échappé au mariage précoce et forcé

Partez à la découverte des écoles du monde! - Photo scavenger hunt

Pourquoi les filles?
- Site from Canada

Sacré Charlemagne

Sacré Charlemagne (Karaoke Lyrics) (Written Lyrics)

La situation de la fille au Togo - In French with French subtitles

The Class (Video Trailer in French with English Subtitles)

Togo: Situation Education de Base

Tous les enfants ont des droits!

Tous les enfants ont des droits (scenarios with labels in French)

Toutes a l'école


LesPetitsCitoyens.png - A variety of online videos about bullying, children's rights, equality, handicapped, and space; Be sure to check out the games section as well, which contains several games on gender equality

Forced Marriage

mariage forcé

Mariam du Togo a échappé au mariage précoce et forcé

Tunisie : ils sont mineurs, mais on a organisé leurs fiançailles


C'est quoi un migrant?


Joe Dassin Champs Elysées Lyrics - A video that shows culturally authentic images of the Champs Elysées overlaid with the words to a catchy song in French about visiting there


Comment prévoit-on la météo ?


CV Vidéo - Lucie Le Squeren-Caulfield - Superb, well-organized, creative example of a video CV in simple French

Eau vive - Short, animated video about childhood and family in French

First Taste of Chocolate in Ivory Coast - 5:55 documentary in French, subtitled in English

How to Visit a French Bakery

La danse - Remède anti-morosité - Brief news report

Tous les enfants ont des droits!

TV5Monde.JPG - Links to TV programming and transcripts in French

Virtual Tours

PoilaneLogo.JPG - An interactive, virtual tour of a French bakery