This page contains ideas, information, and materials for learning about fashion, beauty, and aesthetics.

Body Image

Shakira - Entrevista Adela Micha Abril 2011

Coloring Pages

DibujaliaLogo.png - Clothing coloring pages in Spanish

Dress Code

Uniformes Escolares y Código de Vestir de la Institución

Uniforme escolar fashion makeover

How-to Articles & Videos

LaInformacionPracticopedia.JPG - Fabulous site in Spanish that contains both how-to videos and well-scaffolded how-to print articles illustrated with photos for accomplishing a variety of tasks on a variety of topics, including body, cars, education, environment, fashion, food, games and hobbies, health, home and garden, languages, law, music and dance, parties, personal finance, parenting, pets, relationships, shopping, sports, technology, travel, and work


Los diseñadores por Sergio Vargas
- Not a video, just the album cover. Song is full of brand names (Cacharel, Calvin Klein, Cardin, Cartier, Coco Chanel, Gloria Vanderbilt, Isa Loren, Oscar de la Renta, Paco Rabanne, Sergio Valente, Vidal Sassoon), words related to fashion (la compañía, el diseño, el diseñador, hecha, la gala, las marcas, el regalo, usar) and clothing vocabulary (los calzoncillos, las camisas, la cartera, las corbatas, los jeans, los pañuelos, el mantel, el perfume, el reloj, el traje)


La ropa y la identidad - A photo of girls in school uniforms with a written speaking prompt in Spanish that asks students to discuss how what the girls are wearing affects their identity.





El delantal blanco by Sergio Vodanovic - A short, intriguing play about an employer who trades clothing with her maid, and how that affects her personally and socially

  • ElDelantalBlancoTitleHoltRinehartWinston.png - PDF of an illustrated version with comprehension questions from Enlaces literarios published by Holt, Rinehart, & Winston (Plain text version available here)
  • ElDelantalBlancoTeatroParaguasAudio.png - MP3 file of the play performed by several native speakers and a non-native who plays the part of the employee. (Skip the 3-minute intro. at the beginning)

FenomenoDeLaModa.jpeg - Excellent article in Spanish that explains the cycles of adoption associated with fashion

HallanQueAdolescentesGozanMejorSaludMentalSiExpresanIdentidadEtnica.png - Brief article reports on the results of a study that found that teens who were able to wear cultural clothing had a greater effect on mental health than the cultures from which their friends came

Mujer Hoy - Fashion magazine in Spanish

Leccion19LaRopaLogo.png - Pages 64 and 65 of this textbook from All Bilingual Publishers contain a simple reading that describes the clothing of males and females in Guatemala. Provides a great foundation for an information gap activity.



Noche de estrellas en Premio Lo Nuestro 2016

Traditional Clothing

- Short public service announcement created by high school students in Guatemala advocating for the preservation of traditional dress in Guatemala

Part 1 of Hecho a Mano (The Traditional Clothing of San Juan Atitan)
- Excellent video in simple Spanish with English subtitles, conducted interview style, that overviews the historical, cultural, and religious symbolism of clothing worn in Guatemala, the weaving process, and the cultural stereotypes those who wear it must fight--even within Guatemala itself

- 10-minute video in which a family explains,step-by-step in Spanish with English subtitles, the process of weaving the clothing and making traditional Guatemalan clothing

- Slideshow of photos of women from Guatemala in traditional dress

Traje típico de Guatemala

- Slideshow of teens from Guatemala in traditional dress

- Video in which an American interviews (in Spanish) the owners of a shop in which fine Mayan clothing is sold. Video is subtitled in English.

Presentación trajes típicos de Guatemala
- Outdoor fashion show in Spanish at night of traditional Guatemalan clothing

- Slideshow shows traditional k'iche dress (mostly paintings)

- First part of this video shows a wide array of Mayan clothing and how it is woven by hand

A mi burro

(Claymation from Bolivia) (Rap version w/ actions - from Spain)

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