This page contains links to comics in Spanish.



MejoresTirasComicas.jpg - A collection of comic strips in Spanish--note that you can access them by the name of each comic strip, AND by topics such as animals, family, medicine, movies, politics, religion, school, sports, TV, videogames, etc., through the menu in the lower, right-hand side.


ElMundoDeMafalda.gif - Comics from Argentina

ProblemasDelPrimerMundo.JPG - Comic strip from Spain that appears weekly in El País

QuinoLogo.jpg - Site in Argentina containing Quino comics & Mafalda videos

Todos tiras cómicas - A blog containing culturally authentic comic strips from popular comic artists in Spanish


Cary, Stephen. Going graphic: Comics at work in the multilingual classroom. Heinemann. ISBN 0-325-00475-7. A phenomenal book filled with practical ideas and activities for using comics as a tool for language teaching and learning in the K-12 classroom. The book is well-organized, research-based, and contains lesson plans and sample student work. (From Gene Yang)

ComicsInEducation.gif -
A website created by graphic novelist Gene Yang that contains a history of comics in education, reasons for using comics in education, and quality resources (both online and print-based) for educators who wish to use comics in their classrooms. (From Gene Yang)

Metaverse.jpg - A lengthy, annotated list of Latin American comics that provides brief background on the characters, settings, and content of each comic strip